Ref: BUNDLE CHROME VC 86 Traulux - Poly - CTL

Chrome os bundle for remote or blended classes and meetings.

The interactive monitor set + chromebox cbx2 is designed mainly for environments, both educational and business, that work with google workspace, or that are looking for a simple system to develop classes or blended meetings without complex settings, using cloud services.

The chromebox module connects to the monitor via usb-c or hdmi + usb, for interactive control of the ecosystem. In addition, we will have access to google play with its thousands of applications, as it is a gms certified device.

the system consists of:

1 x traulux tlm80-1 interactive monitor of 65 ”, 75” or 86 "to choose from, with android 8.0 embedded
1 x chromebox ctl cbx2 external module.
1 x poly studio usb auto track 4k video conference unit

quality video conferencing

- with support on table: we can direct the camera towards the teacher, to avoid the students' plane and preserve their privacy if we wish.
- advanced voice capture thanks to the provision of several in-line microphones (array) and noise cancellation “noiseblock”.
- speaker system capable of filling the entire classroom with quality sound
- wide-angle camera with auto track: follow and focus on the teacher following the coordinates of the microphone capture.

the camera connection is made through a single usb cable to the chromebox cbx2 module (it is recommended to use active extenders for more than 5 meters)

Poly studio can also be linked to any bluetooth enabled device to be used as a mic/speaker.
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