CABINET T-RENT 3.9 OUT 5500NITS 3840Hz 50X50_0

Ref: T-RENT-3.9-O-AL-50 Traulux

cabinet traulux t-rent specifications
Pixel pitch 3.9 refresh rate: 3840hz
contrast 5000:1
scan : 1/16
leds: smd1921
luminosity: 5500 nits (with calibration)
calibration: yes
on module memory coefficients: yes
receiver card: a8s- a8s-n
corner protection: yes
curved mechanism: yes (6º/3 º/- 0 º/- -6 º/-3 º)
power supply: megmeet
universal hub (allows module change by lower pitch)
hanging fittings (certificates)
stacking fittings
rohs-emc-ce certifications
cabinet size: 50cm x 50cm
module size: 25 cm x 25 cm
cabinet weight: 9 kg
maximum consumption: 640 w x m² (160 w per cabinet)
average consumption: 256 w x m² (64 w per cabinet)
cabinet resolution: 128 x 128


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Brightness (cd / m2): 5500