Introducing Traulux DS

The multiplatform Digital Signage solution to provide content on monitors: in a flexible, simple and easy way.
It is a
Software as a Service (SaaS) that incorporates the utilities most demanded by the market.

Increase your sales volume, inform your customers, help them maintain a safe distance, entertain them or make the wait more pleasant with dynamic information thanks to Traulux DS

Digital signage

With predefined design templates, all kinds of add-ons to display information from different internet sources to the monitors of your choice.

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Space Management

Within the business section, Traulux DS includes a meeting room module, with the possibility of independent use or in conjunction with digital signage.


Digital Signage + QR Menu

Show the menus and menus managed with this module. You have options of order to table, notice to the waiter, take away or delivery.


Digital Signage + QR Shifts

It works through the client's mobile, without touching devices in the public area and without the need for their login. You can even save the QR and request an appointment from home.

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