Ref: JFIX-3.9-O-50 Traulux

Jj-fix is the new series of led screens for fixed outdoor installations.

With a brightness of 5000 nits, it is ideal for outdoor installations as well as for indoor installations where high luminosity is required, such as shop windows, sports halls or reception halls.

Available in pixel pitch 2. 97, 3. 9 and 4.8

Refresh rates 3840 hz and implemented with a novastar a5s+ receiving card, these two properties make j-fix suitable for installations in broadcast environments as well as in sports halls where the use of tv cameras is required.

Aluminum cabinets and modules and aluminum modules that dissipate heat more efficiently, allowing energy savings and longer component life.

available in 50x100 and 50x50 cabinets

Supplied with screws and wiring necessary to carry out the complete installation.

White cabinet for better heat dissipation.

non-deformable aluminum cabinet

Possibility of 90 degree curve for corner installation.

emc certification

2 years warranty

front maintenance rear

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Environment: Exterior
Type of setting up: Fixed
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Environment: Exterior
Type of setting up: Fixed
Pitch (mm): 3.9