CABINET TRAULUX QFIXII-H31 2.5 800nits 640x480mm_0

Ref: QFIX-H31-2.5-CHASIS

with less thickness (only 31 mm)

Qfix ii is the evolution of the range of led panels for indoor fixed installation of our traulux brand.

This new product has been developed to facilitate mounting in indoor led screen installations since it has its own wall support, which means that it is not necessary to manufacture a custom structure for wall installation.

The specifications of this product allow this series to be used for any type of application, whether broadcast, retail, corporate, convenience, etc.

Available in pixel pitch 1. 8 and 2. 5 and with a refresh rate of 3840hz, it allows the use of this new screen in broadcast recording, streaming, advertising, etc. Environments.
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