Ref: BUNDLE AULA TECNO Poly, Traulux


Mobile integrated solution for the development of remote or blended classes in large classrooms (35 students).

The components have been chosen to offer a real solution, with the versatility and quality necessary to adapt to any cloud service for both videoconferencing and virtual classroom management.

the system consists of:

1 x 86 "interactive monitortraulux tlm8680-1
1 x pc-ops i7 module with 16 gb of ram and 512 gb ssdtraulux tls064-i7 plus
1 xpoly studiousb auto track 4k video conference unit
1 x poly studiomounting kit
1 x trauluxsmmi-flex roller stand

The hdmi output of the pc-ops allows adding a second non-interactive support monitor to view the students who follow the class from home. The monitor can be used in extended desktop mode, just like a laptop.

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