Ref: TLM6580-1 Traulux

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wall support included

The new traulux tlm80-1 series incorporate embedded android 8. 0 and optional windows pc-ops.

They allow up to 40 simultaneous touches (20 writing).

Among its most outstanding features is its advanced blackboard where you can organize your ideas in an "infinite" space where annotations and objects can be resized and duplicated.

Use tools like freehand cropping or color matching (pencil and whiteboard background) to unleash your imagination and create memorable presentations or lectures with ease.

They are made of metal and have a 7 mohs tempered anti-reflective glass that gives it great robustness.

Very high quality lg 4k led panel.

esharepro: wireless transmission of up to 4 simultaneous devices on screen. compatible with windows/mac/android/ios/chromebook
2-point touch transmission (windows/mac). Reverse mirroring up to 10 devices. Remote control from pc.

Warranty 5 years with reinstallation included (spain and portugal) for new equipment, revised consult.

pc-ops optional

traulux tls084-i5
traulux tls084-i7


Type: Monitors and touch frames
Technology: Led
Touch technology: IR
Size (inch): 65
Resolution: 4k
Brightness (cd / m2): 400
Use: Professional education
Integrated computer: Pc-ops optional
Weight (kg.): Four. five
Vesa available (mm ): 600x400
Warranty (years ): 5 in situ with re-location (spain and portugal)
Os: Android 8.0 + windows 10 pro (optional)
Simultaneous touches: 40 (20 write)
Wireless presentation: Eshare pro